Jacob Strandell

Ph.D. in Cognitive Sociology









Real-life human behavior can only be understood through highly interdisciplinary social and behavioral sciences. This is my primary research interest, in particular understanding culture-cognition interaction by merging insights from the cognitive and cultural sciences.

My primary substantive areas are self-esteem research and close relationships. In the former I'm interested in self-esteem as a behavioral motivator and on its conceptualization in research. In the latter I seek to understand how cultural ideals, neuro-biological and psychological mechanisms interact in love, sex and relationship practices.



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My current position is as assistant professor at Uppsala University. I finished my PhD-research at the University of Copenhagen with a dissertation titled “Culture-Cognition Interaction: Bridging Cultural Sociology and Cognitive Science.” Before this, I attained my master’s degree at Lund University.




Culture and cognition; Self, identity and self-esteem; Motivation; Learning and cultural reproduction; Cognitive science & neuroscience

Close relationships; Romantic Love; Non-monogamy; Sexuality; Epidemiology; Individualization

Interdisciplinary theory; Conceptualization; Interdisciplinary Frameworks; Visual models

Qualitative inquiry; Focus groups, In-depth interviews, Discourse Analysis




Contact: jacobstrandell@gmail.com